YES on Prop. 92: would insure investment in success and a skilled workforce

(This op ed was printed in the San Jose Mercury News on January 31, 2008)

by Nicky Gonzalez Yuen

Voting for Proposition 92 in the Feb. 5 primary is not only the most important thing voters can do to improve the lives of 2.5 million community college students in California, it is also the most important thing voters can do to revitalize our ailing economy. The only question is this: Will voters be able to see through the campaign of disinformation and outright lies being put forward by opponents of Proposition 92? Continue reading

Printed in Berkeley Daily Planet: Good for Students, Good for California

(This essay was printed in the Berkeley Daily Planet on January 29, 2008)

Berkeley citizens are among the most active and contentious in the world. So are their elected officials. So, it’s not very often when they agree on much. An extraordinary thing has happened in this Feb 5 primary though. Every single locally elected official in Berkeley agrees: Vote yes on Proposition 92, the measure to save our community colleges. Yes, unanimously, Mayor Tom Bates, Supervisor Keith Carson, the entire Berkeley School Board and full City Council, City Auditor Ann-Marie Hogan, the whole Rent Board, Representatives to EBMUD, the Parks District, BART, AC Transit and of course the Peralta College Board— all of them agree, Prop. 92 is good not just for Community Colleges but also for the City, the state and all citizens. Continue reading

Peralta Holds Forum on Campus-wide Sustainability (Berkeley Daily Planet)

(From an article in the Berkeley Daily Planet by J. Douglas Allen-Taylor, published March 23, 2007).

A year ago, the Peralta Community College District held its first annual Sustainable Peralta Conference at its oldest and least environmentally friendly campus, Laney College, in typically blustery March weather. Sitting in a classroom that day with a gap under the doorway so large that participants had to wear coats to ward off the brisk wind blowing under the closed door, Peralta Trustee Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, chair of Chancellor Elihu Harris’ Advisory Committee on Sustainability and the driving force behind the Sustainable Peralta project, talked optimistically about moving future construction bond money in the district toward “green” building principles. At that time, Peralta’s newest campus—Berkeley City College—was not yet built, and its $390 million facilities bond Measure A was not yet on the ballot. Continue reading

Community College Collects On Energy-Efficiency Efforts (Daily Californian)

(Reposted from an article in the Daily Californian, written by By Farha Rizvi, published March 21, 2007)

In recognition of Berkeley City College’s energy-efficient designs, PG&E gave the school’s overseeing district a $120,226 rebate check Friday at the district’s second annual conference on sustainability.

The Peralta Community College District received the money through Savings By Design, a statewide program run by PG&E and other utility companies that encourages green design and construction, wrote district spokesperson Jeff Heyman in an e-mail. Continue reading