Peralta Board Supports the 99%

photo from Occupy Oakland- we are the 99%

How can progressive elected officials help built the 99% movement? At the November 15, 2011 Peralta Board meeting, Trustee Abel Guillen and I presented a resolution to divest our financial assets from for-profit corporate banks and to move our banking to Coop and Community Banks. I’m thrilled to report that our resolution passed unanimously!

I view this as a perfect example of the kind of advocacy elected officials can engage in– good progressive public policy that supports and mirrors the work being done through progressive grassroots organizing. Imagine what kind of powerful movement we could build if EVERY elected official in the East Bay and throughout the state and nation began to align the use of our public resources with the needs of the 99% while simultaneously supporting popular efforts to organize and to empower regular people?  Continue reading

Students Vote for Discount Transit Passes

(reposted from a Press Release from Assembly Member Sandré Swanson’s website. Original article by Semaj D. La Niger for the Laney Tower)

Students of the Peralta Colleges were joined by Assembly Member Sandre Swanson (D-Oakland) as well as Peralta and AC Transit officials to celebrate the passage of AB 1980, the Peralta Colleges Transportation Accessibility Act July 24 at Laney College. The bill was signed into law by governor Schwarzenegger last week.

“At a time of rising gas prices, this bill will bring economic relief for hardworking students,” said Swanson, an alumnus and former student body president of Laney College. “It will also contribute to a greener economy and healthier environment by taking more cars off the road.” Continue reading

YES on Prop. 92: would insure investment in success and a skilled workforce

(This op ed was printed in the San Jose Mercury News on January 31, 2008)

by Nicky Gonzalez Yuen

Voting for Proposition 92 in the Feb. 5 primary is not only the most important thing voters can do to improve the lives of 2.5 million community college students in California, it is also the most important thing voters can do to revitalize our ailing economy. The only question is this: Will voters be able to see through the campaign of disinformation and outright lies being put forward by opponents of Proposition 92? Continue reading

Letter in Berkeley Daily Planet: Access to Higher Education Benefits Everyone

“If I couldn’t go to Vista College I would just have to focus on working, getting by. I couldn’t get a better job. What would the future be?”
—Ayanna Roberts, student, Vista Community College

Ayanna Roberts was one of the 10,000 community college students, staff and faculty members who converged on Sacramento on March 15 to protest Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed 44 percent increase in community college fees. This proposal comes on top of the 64 percent fee increase these same students saw last year. Last year’s fee increase combined with $200 million in budget cuts forced an estimated 175,000 students across the state out of college this year.

Continue reading