“Meet and Greet”- Abel Guillen for State Assembly

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I’d like to invite you to my home to meet and support my good friend Abel Guillen who is running for the State Assembly seat representing Oakland and its surrounding East Bay cities.

Abel and I serve on the Peralta Colleges Board together. We have consistently been strong allies in building a progressive agenda to support student access, to protect and advance the rights of working people of all colors, and to create an environmentally sustainable world built on the foundations of a green economy.

I could name dozens of progressive measures we have taken together, whether advancing student access to bus transit, promoting worker’s rights, or fighting for undocumented students’ access to financial aid. But, one story will give you the measure of this man.

Shortly after the Occupy Wall Street activists starting sitting in at Zucottti Park in New York, Abel and I were talking about what we could do as elected officials to support the movement, to help it grow, and to be part of the process of bringing about responsible public policies that support the 99%. What we came up with was a resolution for the Peralta Colleges Board directing our community college district to move it’s banking business out of for-profit, corporate banks and into non-profit co-op and community development banks. Our resolution passed unanimously, but that was not the end of the story. Almost immediately, Abel started receiving angry calls from those who support the status quo, telling him to back off— that he was making a mistake to threaten the interests of the finance industry, and that they were withdrawing support. But far from renouncing his position, Abel worked even harder to publicize our Peralta resolution far and wide as a model for other public agencies to do the right thing.

Abel’s progressive values and a smart policy mind make him a strong candidate, but Abel brings something even more important to this race—a commitment to building a grassroots movement of empowered citizens. Whether walking picket lines with workers, rallying students in need of financial aid, or lending support to parents organizing for stronger child care programs, Abel Guillen has consistently been the kind of elected official whom we want representing us in Sacramento. He will not only cast good progressive votes, but he will also help organize our grassroots movement of citizen activists so essential to real progress.

Thoughtful. Courageous. Committed. Grounded in the real lives of real people. This is Abel Guillen. Come meet Abel yourself.  I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am and want to support this campaign.

Donate to Abel’s campaign via ActBlue here: or RSVP to me directly at NickyGY@mac.com to tell me you’re coming.